Our Tale

Are you collecting the latest American Silver Eagle? Is Bugs Bunny more your bag? Are you a Ronald Reagan fan? Do you want Donald Trump to live on forever in the form of a collectible coin? Will the words of Maya Angelou inspire you and future generations in your family when you pass down your commemorative coin?

There’s something special about collecting coins that lives in your heart and we know how good it feels to hold it in your hand. Most importantly, we share the passion for coin collecting, too. Be it the rarest coins in the world or the most recently minted ones that represent memorable moments for you. Whatever it is, we have it, and we will deliver it to you. From the heart of Midwest, America to wherever you are in the world, King Coin is bringing the fun back to coin collecting!

About Us

Hi, I’m your new coin buddy!
Let the adventure begin!
Do you like great stories, I do!
Let’s explore history and what it represents.
The coolest part is that we get to hold our cherished coins in our hands and it’s ours, forever.
Coins are my passion and I’m so happy that I get to share them with you.
Like a true buddy, I’ll give you tips, guidance, and great deals!

So what are you waiting for?